CMD_PLUGIN_MANAGER segfaults with wrong ethernet_dev

Version 1.63.0


The ethernet_dev setting in the directadmin.conf tells DA which device holds the server IP. If this is set to a device name that either does not exist, or does not have any IPs, the call to CMD_PLUGIN_MANAGER will segfault. DA uses the IP from this device to bind to for plugin calls, allowing a plugin's remote system to reliably be connect to with the same IP each time. Segfault was fixed, but you should set your ethernet_dev correct. There would be a log entry in /var/log/directadmin/error.log: ioctl can't find the server's ip address for eth0 : No such device where ethernt_dev=eth0 was set, but eth0 did not exist. Type: ifconfig to see your devices. ----- T35794

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