PhpMyAdmin: one-click SSO can be slow with large information_schema

Version 1.62.8


When a User uses the one-click single-signon to phpMyAdmin, it creates the internal da_sso_* account name for login. The "username" does not have privileges on views, etc, if the definer is that da_sso_* username. There is a cleanup task which hunts for the da_sso_* definers and swaps as needed: On larger systems where the information_schema.* is large (specifically .views in the report), the query to obtain this list can be quite slow. Fix: Upon the SSO click, instead of doing the cleanup in realtime, push the cleanup request to the task.queue for cleanup ~1 minute later. The cleanup would remove old da_sso accounts, and swap any incorrect definers. As this new da_sso account likely has not yet created any views, this is not critical to run right away. There is also a call anyway with the nightly tally, but this will ensure that the definers are swapped over more quickly to avoid confusion.

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