Suspend in background

Version 1.62.5


Optional new directadmin.conf value for suspending/unsuspending in the backgroun, internal default: background_suspend_if_num_users=0 To have directadmin execute this in the background, set it to the number of Selected + sub-Users that should push it to the task.queue. Eg, if you have 1 Reseller with 9 Users, and the 1 Reseller is selected for suspension/unsuspension, setting this to 10 will push it to the background as it includes Users below the selected account, eg: ./directadmin set background_suspend_if_num_users 10 This is useful if the process is taking too long on your system (case: usermod issue taking too long to return). NOTE: this only applies to the "dosuspend" and "dounsuspend" triggers. It does not apply to the toggle "suspend" case which isn't used by Enhcaned/Evolution, as the toggle can swap opposite states on a per-User basis #confusing. T32165

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