Version 1.62.0


Redis: New feature, part of the Pro-Pack Acts like a simple database/cache for Users. -------------- INSTALL cd /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild ./build redis -------------- ENABLE All Reseller/User packages, and reseller.conf/user.conf files will have: redis=OFF by default. Admin account reseller.conf will have redis=ON by default. All accounts that need redis must have it enabled. - Enable in packages and re-save as needed - Enable in accounts, and save as needed. ======== JSON CMD_REDIS ---- STATUS Check current status for current User: GET with no options, returns, eg: { "enabled": "0", "global": "1" } where "enabled" refers to redis=ON in the uesr.conf. "global" is the service check to ensure it's installed on the system. ---- ENABLE POST action=enable ---- DISABLE POST action=disable with standard ======== API CMD_API_REDIS does exist, but it will always be using JSON mode for output. ======== SKINS # modified: data/skins/enhanced/admin/create_customized_reseller.html # modified: data/skins/enhanced/admin/modify_reseller.html # modified: data/skins/enhanced/admin/show_reseller_package.html # modified: data/skins/enhanced/lang/en/lf_standard.html # modified: data/skins/enhanced/reseller/create_customized_user.html # modified: data/skins/enhanced/reseller/modify_user.html # modified: data/skins/enhanced/reseller/show_user_package.html where related global tokens are: RESELLERREDIS=ON USERREDIS=ON HAVE_REDIS=ON (enabled in license and installed on system) and post values for packages/reseller/user would be resdis=ON or OFF (omit implies OFF) ==== EVO2118

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