logs_to_keep_days: User log rotation based on time (optional)

Version 1.62.0


New directadmin.conf option, disabled internally by default: logs_to_keep_days=0 relating to logs_to_keep=5, which counts how many logs are allowed to remain in: /home/user/domains/domain.com/logs the new feature, when set to a positive integer (in days), specifies a secondary log rotation limiter based on age, not just count. This is mainly useful for boxes that do multiple rotations per day, or just want to ensure things in that directory don't get left too long. It's also useful for subdomain deletion, as those logs are not deleted when the subdomain is deleted, but are also no longer rotated since no new logs are coming in. This would ensure that those possible very old logs get cleaned up at some point. To enable a setting, say 60 days, type: /usr/local/directadmin/directadmin set logs_to_keep_days 60 service directadmin restart ---- T32989

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