Version 1.62.0


When DirectAdmin starts up, it will now automatically detect if xfs or ext filesystems are in play for each of the quota_partition and ext_quota_partition lists. When setting the system quotas, it will now make use of the fs type for the given partition being set. Reading the usage of a filesystem did already make use of the per-partition format. The internal default is: auto_detect_filesystem_type=1 where you can disable it, eg: ./directadmin set auto_detect_filesystem_type 0 service directadmin restart which affects setting the quotas on the xfs or ext4 partitions. (reading usage is not affected, it already checks on the fly) Note, during startup, if a mis-match is found for quota_partition vs use_xfs_quota, an error.log entry will be made. If it's turned off, xfs_on_domains will also be turned off, and vice versa.

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