Reseller Create: Can select global IP for new User (SKINS)

Version 1.62.0


Previously, the creation of a Reseller allowed 3 ip options: ip=shared # use the server IP ip=sharedresller # use one of the bew shared IPs given to the Reseller ip=assigned # set a new IP to be owned by the Reseller With the introduction of the Global IPs, which are basically a normal shared IP which can span multiple Reseller, this feature gives flexibility in assignments. The "Create Reseller" page will now include more options, listing each global shared IP on the system, eg: - Shared - Global where the internal form would be simply: ip= where the would be one of the global IPs. (Cannot currently specify other types of IPs here) ========= BEHAVIOR If one of the global IPs is selected, that IP will be used for the User part of the Reseller, If the "Shared - Server" is selected, but "Share Server IP" is not enabled in the package, the first deteremined global IP from the auto_add_global_ip will be used. DirectAdmin will attempt to include the selected global IP in the randomized list (where applicable) as part of the count. Eg: auto_add_global_ip=1|, But ip= is passed, only should be in the list, as it would override the "1" item to be used. If it had "2|...", then would be part of that count, even if it's not part of the auto_add_global_ip ip list. ========= JSON The ip select can be obtained from the existing call to: CMD_ACCOUNT_RESELLER method: POST json=yes previously included just: free_ips = 0 packages = [] but now also include: ip_select = {} which uses the standard json selectbox format. ========= SKINS /usr/local/directadmin/data/skins/enhanced/admin/create_reseller.html Swap the entire old ip <select> with: |IP_SELECT| ========= T32165 EVO2064

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