Load Average in System Information

Version 1.62.0


Calls to the System Information can now support load average, enabled by default. ========================= DIRECTADMIN.CONF The internal default will be: load_in_system_info=1 To disable, type: /usr/local/directadmin/directadmin set load_in_system_info 0 service directadmin restart ========================= RELATED CALLS CMD_API_SYSTEM_INFO CMD_API_SYSTEM_INFO?json=yes CMD_SYSTEM_INFO CMD_SYSTEM_INFO?json=yes ========================= SKINS There are no skin changes for Enhanced skins. The table will automatically include the new row, as needed. ========================= CMD_API_SYSTEM_INFO Will include top-level array items, eg: load_1 = 0.57 load_15 = 0.81 load_5 = 0.81 ========================= JSON Will include a top-level array called "load", with 3 fields, eg: "load": { "load_1": "0.17", "load_15": "0.75", "load_5": "0.64" }, ========================= EVO2062

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