Variable: letsencrypt_background_default=auto (SKINS)

Version 1.62.0


LetsEncrypt certification creation already allows for a skin option during the POST: background=yes|no|auto where skins would use auto and let DA decide what to do for the actual calls to letsencrypt. For auto, if it's a wildcard, it's always yet. For non-wildcard, it's based on the letsencrypt_foreground_http_max=10 variable. ==== FEATURE INFO This new option lets you pass a variable to the skin via directadmin.conf, specifying which default option should be used. New internal default; letsencrypt_background_default=auto where you can change this to be yes or no, eg: /usr/local/directadmin/directadmin set letsencrypt_background_default no service directadmin restart to always have all LetsEncrypt requests work in the foreground. It requires that the skin actually support this option and properly read the token. ===== SKINS users/ssl.html change: <input type=hidden name=background value="auto"> to be: <input type=hidden name=background value="|BACKGROUND_DEFAULT|"> ====== JSON Viewing the SSL certs page will also include: BACKGROUND_DEFAULT=auto|yes|no ---- T31345

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