Optional: letsencrypt_renewal_notice_to_admins=3 for creators

Version 1.62.0


If there is a renewal failure, previously: letsencrypt_renewal_notice_to_admins=1 would also send the notice to the Admins. This change allows for: letsencrypt_renewal_notice_to_admins=0|1|2|3 where the setting will be a bitmask of: 1: Admins 2: account creator (Reseller) this for both, you'd use (1 & 2 == 3): letsencrypt_renewal_notice_to_admins=3 for only Admins, you'd use: letsencrypt_renewal_notice_to_admins=1 and only the creator of the account, use:: letsencrypt_renewal_notice_to_admins=2 This setting is in addition to the actual account messages, and does not block the account's message.

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