task.queue: rewrite mail_sni removing pointers

Version 1.62.0


Bug with the rewrite of the /etc/virtual/snidomains file where the values from /etc/virtual/domainowners are used, and pointers should not be used during the rewrite. Pointer would be a subset of the User domains (pointer values are within the domain's cert), so only domains should be considered. Fix: ensure data/users/USER/domains/DOMAIN.COM.conf exists in the domainowners loop, when doing the rewrite. Related errors: 2021:01:16-09:07:04: Ssl::write_mail_sni: unable to read ./data/users/USER/domains/POINTER.COM.conf to determine cert/key: Unable to open ./data/users/USER/domains/POINTER.COM.conf for reading.<br> ==== T31202

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