Skin Customization: favicon, symbol, symbol2

Version 1.62.0


Relating to the existing feature: which allows for custom logos in the skin (logo,logo2), This new feature extends this, now to 5 values (from 2): which: 1=logo 2=logo2 3=favicon 4=symbol 5=symbol2 which adds the global tokens accordingly, eg: HAS_CUSTOM_FAVICON=0|1 HAS_CUSTOM_SYMBOL=0|1 HAS_CUSTOM_SYMBOL2=0|1 and the data/skins/SKIN/skin.conf adds the setting of those request values (for example): logo_token=IMG_LOGO logo2_token=IMG_LOGO2 favicon_token=IMG_FAVICON symbol_token=IMG_SYMBOL symbol_token=IMG_SYMBOL2 NOTE: /favicon.ico This WILL respect the above files, but can loggically skip the lookup for the IMG_FAVICON value in files_*.conf because any customization and it would point back to the same file: /usr/local/directadmin/data/users/USER/skin_customizations/favicon.XX Where USER is determined by: - If logged in, Reseller/Admin: user own value - If logged in, User, use user.conf:creator value - If not logged in, first Admin from admin.list is used for USER, viewed on the login page before login. Like other logo/logo2 value, the skin_customization directory is fully read, and XX is determined by "favicon.*" for any type/extension. You may still override the "shortcut icon" value in the html itself using your /IMG_FAVICON which would let you point: files_user.conf (for example): IMG_FAVICON=images/favicon.png thus allowing IMG_FAVICON to be customized. =========== LOGIN PAGE For the current global skin (./directadmin c | grep docsroot=), all 5 of the above IMG_* files, set by the 5 *_token names in that docroots skin.conf, if present, will be allowed on the login page, without authentication. These 5 IMG_ values will respect the customization, similar to the /favicon.ico request. This is only allowed for IMG_* formatted requests. Anything else will use the previous non-login rules. =========== JSON CMD_SKINS?json=yes&name=evolution&action=edit_customization { "CUSTOM_FAVICON_TOKEN": "IMG_FAVICON", "CUSTOM_LOGO2_TOKEN": "IMG_LOGO2", "CUSTOM_LOGO_TOKEN": "IMG_LOGO", "CUSTOM_SYMBOL2_TOKEN": "", "CUSTOM_SYMBOL_TOKEN": "", "HAS_CUSTOMIZATION": "1", "HAS_CUSTOM_FAVICON_TOKEN": "1", "HAS_CUSTOM_LOGO2_TOKEN": "0", "HAS_CUSTOM_LOGO_TOKEN": "0", "HAS_CUSTOM_SYMBOL2_TOKEN": "0", "HAS_CUSTOM_SYMBOL_TOKEN": "0", "SKIN_NUM_CUSTOM_COLORS": "0", "name": "evolution" } ==== EVO2035

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