Google Cloud MySQL 5.6 to revert to SET PASSWORD instead of ALTER USER, and mysql_use_new_user_methods=1

Version 1.62.0


Only affects: mysql> SELECT version(); +-------------------+ | version() | +-------------------+ | 5.6.47-google-log | +-------------------+ which is MySQl 5.6 on a Google Cloud setup. DA would have been using the ALTER USER syntax to update the password for a Database User. The Google could MySQL 5.6 does not like this, so DA will use SET PASSWORD for all MySQL 5.6 installs. All other versions are unaffected. Also, if google-log is at the end, it will internally set: mysql_use_new_user_methods=1 allowing all new methods to be used. Other MySQL 5.6 boxes (eg: local installs) are not affected. ---- T30061

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