Auto assign global IPs to Admins/Resellers

Version 1.61.5


1.61.6 UPDATE When creating a Reseller, if "Shared - Server" is selected for the Reseller creation (ip=shared), but "Share Server IP" is disabled in the selected package, and there is more than 1 global IP that will be assigned to this Reseller, then the fallback will be to use the first global IP that was assigned to the Reseller (eg: lowest sorted number) ---------------- The new shared "global" IPs did not get automatically added to an Admin/Reseller's ip.list file unless they were "free" or the "server" ip address, controlled by packages. Global IPs are simply shared IPs with an extra global=yes tag. This feature allows you to auto-assign your global IPs to any new Admin/Reseller, simply by adding a directadmin.conf setting, eg: cd /usr/local/directadmin ./directadmin set auto_add_global_ip 'VALUE' where VALUE would be in the form: 1|random 2|random 1|, 2|, where the VALUE can be a literal IP address so the new Admin/Reseller always gets this global IP: auto_add_global_ip= The integer format before the | pipe represents the number of global IPs to randomly select from the given list. 1|, Will, pick either the first or 2nd value. The integer can be any positive value, assuming you have enough global IPs to satisfy it. 1| would be the same as: IPv6 IPs are allowed, but must be in the same full-format syntax (no ::1 shorthand) If the 2nt part after the pipe is "random", eg; 1|random this means DA will obtain all possible global IPs on the box, and will pick 1 from that list. Similarly: 2|random will assign any 2 random IPs to the new Admin/Reseller account, assuming they're available. This will not return errors to the GUI, but any issues can be debug with debug level 10, looking for output starting with: IP::fill_auto_add_global_ips (the function that deciphers the da.conf option, and fills the Admin/Reseller's ip list)

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