Improved logic for update.tar.gz download attempts

Version 1.62.0


The purpose of the above is to still have the binaries suspicious of all update IPs, while still allowing the backup flexibility of using DNS to provide new values if the case arises. When updating DirectAdmin, there is a list of valid IPs it's willing to try. This has now been updated to cross-referenced with a list of live A records to try, so the internal list simply becomes smaller (in case old IPs are offline). Should the last value fail, the list is re-filled purely with the dns list, and the loop is tried over again. As before, for any control server that works, if the md5 header is passed, but doesn't match the update.tar.gz, that control server can be attempted up to 3 more times as they will return Location header redirects to download from various files servers. ---- TESTING After the pre-release or production binaries with this feature are obtained (available in pre-release Oct 5, 2020), you can manually test the new update process with: cd /usr/local/directadmin echo "action=update&value=program&force=yes" >> data/task.queue; ./dataskq d220 to trigger this internal update code, to to confirm it works for you. If you run into any issues where it should be working (aka: isn't a license issue), please let us know immediately. ----- NOTE This update.tar.gz download code uses the existing logic that the license.key updates already uses, (less the 3x retry per control server), so we're not expecting any issues, but regardless, testing is still important (we've not seen issues during our tests)

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