Cluster: cluster_ip_bind=NULL or cluster_ip_bind=

Version 1.62.0


In the even you're on a lan and lan_ip= is set, or you want DA to bind to a specific internal IP address, you can now tell DirectAdmin to either not bind to anything, or bind to a specific value, for all Clustering (Multi-Server Setup). 1) Do not bind to anything (would mainly only apply when lan_ip is set, but you can still set this if you want): ./directadmin set cluster_ip_bind NULL where the word NULL must be explicitly set. Without a bind, it's left to the system to decide which IP to bind to, and the routing should correctly handle things if the outbound value is internal. Note, this may mean any existing Clustering config may change their bound value. If you have any remote setups for this incoming connection that restrict the connected based on the IP, test it to ensure it still works. 2) Force all Cluster calls to always bind to a specific IP, regardless of where it's going (internal or external network): ./directadmin set cluster_bind_ip ======== ERRORS If you've got an invalid value (eg: an IP to bind to, which is not on the system), you might get an error during a Multi-Server Setup test: Unable to connect to Invalid argument Unable to open a socket where is the IP being connected to, not the IP being bound to. If you see that error, check your cluster_bind_ip value. Note: Debug level for clustering is 136

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