Optimization: string to json

Version 1.61.4


Swapped the result buffer to use our internal String class, which saves recounting the buffer length each time something is appended. This was implemented while debugging slow load time for the json=yes action=edit in the File Manager for "larger" files (this one was 0.6M) Enhanced is not affected, as it uses html encoding, directly as it reads the file. Further optimizations for this might be to read the save the json-encoded string, directly as it's read from disk. This is an edge case (only 1 report), so will omit for the time being. Other options would be to read the html-encoded TEXT token, without json at all, eg: /CMD_FILE_MANAGER/index.html?action=edit&load_token=TEXT where TEXT is the value within the Enhanced textarea, which is already html-encoded. With the load_token=TEXT option, the skin an all other tokens are not shown. Only the contents of |TEXT|

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