Large file uploads: error handling

Version 1.61.4


Previously, if a file was too large and one of the conditions happened: - content-length exceeded the maxfilesize - content-length exceeded free space on /home/tmp if any error occurred, DA would immediately stop accepting the download, spit out the error message and close the connection. Since the client was still in the process of uploading the file, the browser would not have been listening for any output yet, so the browser would get a connection closed error. Browsers may have even re-attempted the upload, causing 2 full attempts before giving up. As DA does not support "Except: 100-continue" header, the cleanest solution is to accept the remainder of the data, do not write it to disk, until the client is happy, and then output the proper error message. This is a waste of bandwidth, but is how other web-servers operate, so this brings DA into the norm of behavior. As with the second condition, above, DA will now pre-check the available space with statvfs in the uploaded area after opening the file descriptor. If it won't have enough space, the file won't be saved to disk (but bandwidth will continue to be transmitted, as above, to allow a clean error output)

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