Restore from system_user_to_virtual_passwd=0 to box with =1 not adding system account to email passwd

Version 1.61.0


DirectAdmin was not adding the system account to /etc/virtual/ when system_user_to_virtual_passwd=1 is enabled on the restore box, when the system account was not in the same file on the backup server. Extra check added to ensure it exists, and add it if missing using same system account call as task.queue action=rewrite&value=email_passwd does (surgically for this one account, not a full rewrite/check) Password crypt taken from /etc/shadow. When this check and add is triggered, you'll get a note in the errortaskq.log: Email::restoreEmail: system account %s did not exist in the %s passwd file. Adding it to restored file. where %s is replaced with the system account name, and the 2nd %s is replaced with the domain being restored. ---- T26204

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