Swap unknown `TOKENS` with |TOKENS| for future processing

Version 1.61.0


Due to the order tokens are loaded (with the template being read in and processed last, after all internal and custom tokens being loaded first), if you were to set some: |TOK=`TOKEN`| where TOKEN has not yet been set, the call to |TOK| would end up filling `TOKEN` in the output even if TOKEN was set before the call to |TOK|, but before TOK was set. The solution is for DA to take note of all unknown tokens (it already had this list), and for unknown values where they're set to `TOKEN`, swap that TOK value to be |TOKEN|. When the |TOK| is called later on, it will fill |TOKEN| which can then be tokenized into whatever value TOKEN should have had set in the first place. This currently applies to the apache/nginx/litespeed/openlitespeed custom templates.

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