Ability to remove the domain from the /etc/virtual/domiains file for external MX hosting (SKINS)

Version 1.20.6


Adding ability to enable/disable the use of the mail system for the domain by checking/unchecking the feature from the MX records page. SKINS: user/dns_mx_control: ==================================== <form action='/CMD_DNS_MX' method='POST'> <input type=hidden name=action value="internal"> <input type=hidden name=domain value="|DOMAIN|"> <tr><td class=listtitle colspan=4>Local Mail Server</td></tr> <tr><td class=list align=center><input type=checkbox name=internal value="yes" |LOCAL_CHECKED|></td> <td class=list colspan=2>Use this server to handle my emails.<br>If not, change the MX record and uncheck this option</td> <td class=list><input type=submit value="Save"></td></tr> </form>

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