scripts/ also set directadmin.conf

Version 1.61.0


Previously, when changing the hostname from the Admin Settings, DA would run the script, then DA would set the directadmin.conf. This is fine unless you're only trying to change the hostname from the script, but also want the directadmin.conf to be updated. This is a change to the scripts/ script, such that it will always run: ./directadmin set servername and issue a task.queue restart of directadmin, even if the Admin Settings calls it. This allows the hostname to be set everywhere, regardless of how it's triggered, without needing 2 calls if done from ssh. Now, when done from Admin Settings, the directadmin.conf will be set twice, no harm there, and because both DA and the use a task.queue restart, the duplicate restart will be filtered out by the dataskq, so directadmin only gets restarted once. ---- T25240

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