OpenLiteSpeed: LetsEncrypt on owned IP non-Vh items: eg: (TEMPLATES)

Version 1.61.0


With an owned IP, there is no global VirtualHost(VH) for in the OLS ips.conf file. Some A records, like "" also do not have a VirtualHost. The result, is there is no VH at all for, and no include of the httpd-aliases.conf file. This is where things like the LetsEncrypt /.well-known/challenge and /roundcube aliases live. Solutiuno: Added * to the main domain of an owned IP, eg: vhDomain vhAliases * so that is caught on this IP in this master alias. The vhAliases is ONLY set for the default domain on a given owned IP, for both 80/443.. but not for any subdomains. Other domain on the same IP under this User will not get the vhAliases * setting. ================ TEMPLATES Update to openlitespeed_vhost.conf Replace: vhAliases www.|SDOMAIN||SERVER_ALIASES| with: |*if WILDCARD_VHALIASES| vhAliases |WILDCARD_VHALIASES| |*else| vhAliases www.|SDOMAIN||SERVER_ALIASES| |*endif| where DA only adds WILDCARD_VHALIASES=* when the case is needed. The WILDCARD_VHALIASES token never exists if the above case is not true, eg: - owned IP - default/main domain - not a subdomain - is for both 80/443 ---- T25175

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