/var/log/user_logs/user/domain.com.log to ensure logs are 644 (webalizer/awstats)

Version 1.61.0


The secured way that DirectAdmin lets awstats/webalizer run as the User, while being able to read the logs from the locked-down /var/log/httpd/domains area is by using hard-links. The issue is that some boxes either set a strict umask or apache setting to save the /var/log/httpd/domains/domain.com.log as root:root 600. The issue arises when the hard-link is created, although the /var/log/user_logs/user is chmod 750 root:user, the root:root 600 log is not enough for the User to user read it. Fix: added a mode check on a+r, if it's not set, DA will set it to 644. ---- T24450

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