Enhanced: Show Domain Pointer count on HTM_INDEX_USER

Version 1.60.2


The HTM_INDEX_USER fills a table into the |DOMAINTABLE| token. This table will now have a span in each cell, similar to: <span class='float_right'>(<a href='/CMD_DOMAIN_POINTER?domain=test.com'>2 Domain Pointers</a>)</span> But this extra span only shows up if: - Domain Pointers limit is greater than zero (user.conf) - Domain Pointers usage is greater than zero (user.usage) - CMD_DOMAIN_POINTER is allowed to be run (commands.deny/commands.allow) - per-row: if this domain has more than 0 pointers (domains/domain.com.pointers) Note: sorting has been updated to only look at the domain. Previously the text in the cell was used, but now it's just the domain, and the <a href> bits and <span> will not be sorted (which wouldn't have mattered anyway, since the first change of character is in the href="... domain=domain.com", which is still alphabetical.) ---- T24082

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