CageFS: /var/log/user_logs/user to be 750 root:user and not deleted

Version 1.60.0


When a User with CageFS needs to read their logs for webalizer/awstats, the logs needs to be readable by the User, since webalizer/awstats would be run as that User. The issue is that everytime the /var/log/user_logs/username directory is created, a call to: cagefsctl --remount username is needed, which is fine on it's own, but it has the undesired effect of killing all child processes. The solution, only when cagefs is in play is to not delete the /var/log/user_logs/username folder, but only to delete the logs from it once done computing the stats. To ensure security remains, the ownership of the folder has been changed around, and the folder will be left until the User is delete, far in the future. ---- T23415 Compile time: Jan 13 2020 at ~23:03:53

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