Option for Reseller's own User limits to be included in their own allocation total

Version 1.60.0


New directadmin.conf option, off by default internally: reseller_allocation_include_self=0 Where if you set it to 1: ./directadmin set reseller_allocation_include_self 1 service directadmin restart The Reseller's own user.conf limits will be counted towards their total allocation. The default is such that allocation only counts the User limits of User accounts this Reseller has created. The reason we do not enable this by default.. and honestly do not recommend it's use, is that when a Reseller is created with 1G disk usage (for example), the Reseller's user.conf limit is also 1G As such, the max allocation is hit immediately when the Reseller account is created. The result is that, if overselling is turned off, the Reseller must first lower their own User limits before they'll be able to create any Users, hence it was never considered to be included, hence we don't recommend it as it will be annoying to work with, the moment it's turned on and Reseller's try to create their first User. DA does its best to keep the allocation count correct, but the cleanest/full recount only happens during the nightly tally. ---- FULL TALLY To manually trigger a full tally, run: cd /usr/local/directadmin echo "action=tally&value=all" >> data/task.queue; ./dataskq d2000 This will happen automatically every night, so running it manually is only needed to check if the count is correct or not. ---- T23227

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