Admin Restore: /home2 override partition choice (SKINS)

Version 1.60.0


Relating to the directadmin.conf option: home_override_list=/home:/home2 When set, DirectAdmin will show you these choices in "Step 2" of the restore, allowing an Admin to restore accounts to a specific partition. ======== CMD_ADMIN_BACKUP / CMD_API_ADMIN_BACKUP When issuing the restore, you can optionally pass: create_user_home_override=/home2 to have DA restore to this partition (requires it to be set in the home_override_list) ======== TASK.QUEUE Any task.queue restore process for an Admin Level or Reseller Level restore which contains the create_user_home_override=/home2 value, will be set internally for the restore to create any account on this path. ======== SKINS enhanced/admin/admin_backup.html in the "Step 2: Select IP", added another <tr> entry: |*if CREATE_USER_HOME_OVERRIDE| <tr> <td class=listtitle></td> <td class=listtitle> - |LANG_RESTORE_TO_PARTITION|: |CREATE_USER_HOME_OVERRIDE| </td> </tr> |*endif| ======== JSON in the top-level array CMD_ADMIN_BACKUP?json=yes output: "create_user_home_override": { "0": { "selected": "yes", "text": "/home", "value": "/home" }, "1": { "text": "/home2", "value": "/home2" } }, ---- T22902

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