mysqldump --routines and DEFAULT CHANGE: restore_database_as_admin=1

Version 1.60.0


New directadmin.conf option: mysqldump_routines=1 which ONLY applies when running a backup from Admin Level -> Admin Backup/Transfer When DA starts up, if restore_database_as_admin=0 is set, then mysqldump_routines=0 will be set. This will allow an admin to do a full backup/restore with routines and functions by default. Previously, the admin would need to setup extra_backup_option=--routines which is no longer needed. Again, this only applies to the Admin Backup/Transfer. When using the --routines option, the mysqldump will add; CREATE DEFINER which requires SUPER PRIVILEGE to restore it, hence the change only applies to Admin Level at the moment. There is a --skip-definer in MySQL 5.7.8+, but as it's not in MariaDB at all, we have not explored this option for the moment. ==================== DEFAULT CHANGE: restore_database_as_admin=1 Was previously 0. ==================== T22746

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