CMD_API_DNS_ADMIN: raw_save: option to re-sign the unsigned zone file to DNSSEC

Version 1.60.0


The intended purpose for this option is when you're using this DA box as the master dns, but are updating a zone from some remote script, but still wish to have the master DA manage your DNSSEC keys. Do not use this if this DA box is a a slave, since re-signing the already signed zone may cause unexpected results. (DA's Multi-Server Setup will transfer the raw signed zone to the slave if the master DA box is using dnssec for this zone) Use: CMD_API_DNS_ADMIN method: POST GET values: action=rawsave sign_zone=yes POST: plaintext unsigned zone file Where the sign_zone=yes being passed in the GET will have DA read the zone after it's written, and re-save it again (without updating the serial during this save), and where the save internally re-signed the zone automatically. Note, you must have already generated keys, and signed the zone once through the GUI or other means (this will not do the initial work) since the raw_save always saves to the un-signed location, not the file (which is handy it works that way for this case). The custom script, if it exists: /usr/local/directadmin/scripts/custom/ will be called BEFORE the re-read/write/re-sign, in case the save needs to be modified by this script in some fashion, prior to the re-signing. ---- T22421

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