Debian: named_rndc_addzone uses 3bf305731dd26307.nzf

Version 1.60.0


By default the: named_rndc_addzone=1 feature (off by default), will be looking in _default.nzf for a listing of all rndc added zones, when showing all zones. Some boxes (aka: Debian) use 3bf305731dd26307.nzf instead. Instead of doing an OS check, this will simply see if ${nameddir}/_default.nzf does not exist and if {$nameddir}/3bf305731dd26307.nzf does exist, and if yes, will use ${nameddir}/3bf305731dd26307.nzf for the path. Another check is done, if ${nameddir}/_default.nzf does not exist, but /var/cache/bind/3bf305731dd26307.nzf does exist, it will use /var/cache/bind/3bf305731dd26307.nzf. So if your rdnc zone adding tool puts data in either 3bf305731dd26307.nzf, ensure that the _default.nzf does not exist. The only case where the nzf file is used, is the listing of all zones. All other zone checks/changes are done directly with the name.

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