Use doveadm for faster quota loads

Version 1.59.5


New default internal directadmin.conf value: pop_disk_usage_dovecot_quota=0 to enable, set: ./directadmin set pop_disk_usage_dovecot_quota 1 service directadmin restart This feature will attempt to use the "doveadm quota" tool to retrieve quotas, rather than relying on a more I/O intensive traversal count of the ~/imap folder. Requires value enabled: should_add_userdb_quota=1 which should already be enabled. Command used: doveadm -f flow quota get -u '' Where the Type=STORAGE Value= (retuns in in KB) is used for the internal ~/imap total. Note, the doveadm return value only returns the size of data used, not actual disk space used eg: one block is always used, regardless of how small the file so the "Apparent Size" field will not be shown in the account hover-over usage. It's been noted that it does not count every byte of data, so the index files, etc.. may show up in the old method, while this method might return 0 bytes for no emails.. as the overhead of the indexes to take up space, but are not included in the actual message quota.

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