Show the included deleted user bandwidth

Version 1.59.4


The reseller.usage will now log the bandwidth calculated from the Reseller's: /usr/local/directadmin/data/users/RESELLER/bandwidth.reseller.tally which is used to count the bandwidth used by a User prior to their deletion (so you're not also deleting the bandwidth usage) This is an existing feature from DA 1.28.2: There was a fix in 1.59.2 where lines with missing newline character are now correctly read in, causing your Reseller's bandwidth to increase to the correct value, now including the deleted User bandwidth. This alone could cause confusion, so we've added a new field to the reseller.usage file, so it can be displayed to Admins when viewing the Reseller usage. This count will be a sub-set of the total bandwidth already shown. The variable in the reseller.usage file will be: deleted_user_bandwidth=123456 which, like the bandwidth option, is in Megabytes. This value is only there for efficiency. It's recounted each night based on the bandwidth.reseller.tally file. If the value deleted_user_bandwidth= value is missing or 0, then the field will not be shown. The monthly reset clears the bandwidth.reseller.tally file for anyone who's deletion time is within the previous stats window.

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