Option to hide record types: NS PTR (SKINS)

Version 1.61.1


New internal default values: dns_ns=2 dns_ptr=2 where you could optionally set them to 0, eg: cd /usr/local/directadmin ./directadmin set dns_ns 0 service directadmin restart in order to hide them from the interface for Users and Admins. To only hide it for Users, but allows Admins, set it to 1 instead of 2. Unlike the other optional record types, eg: dns_caa, dns_tlsa, dns_spf, dns_ttl, etc which full block writing those to the zone, the dns_ns, dns_ptr values, when set to 0, will only hide them from being added/removed/shown at the User Level page. The will still be managed internally, and still saved to the zone. The Admin Level dns editor will continue to show them, and likely the "Reseller Level -> Login As" to the User Level should override their disabled state, as it would be assumed a Reseller might need to modify them. ======================= SKINS data/skins/enhanced/user/dns_control.html data/skins/enhanced/admin/dns_admin_control.html new tokens: DNS_PTR=no|yes DNS_NS=no|yes to hide the form values if set to no. ======================= JSON CMD_DNS_ADMIN?domain=domain.com&json=yes CMD_DNS_CONTROL?domain=domain.com&json=yes new top level values: "dns_ns": "2", "dns_ptr": "2", where if set to 0, hide from all levels. If set to 1, show this type for Admins, hide from Users. if set to 2, show for both. CMD_DNS_ADMIN?json=yes Added dns_ns & dns_ptr = 0|1|2 into the table "info" array. If dns_ptr=0 then you'd hide the "create reverse IP lookup" checkbox when creating a zone. ------ EVO1907

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