one-click phpMyAdmin Login: User login can see all databases (SKINS)

Version 1.59.2


New option for the one-click SSO login for phpMyAdmin on the Databases page (listing all Dbs) with a phpMyAdmin button to login to view all databases under this DA User account. If you're on the DB page viewing a specific DB, there is still the PMA button there, to view just that given DB, that's unchanged (Enhanced) Evolution skin has per-DB logins on the DB list page, but for each DB listed, "Login" button on the far right. ================= FORMS: If you specify: name=all instead of: name=db_name and DA will use: username\_% instead of: username\_dbname for the login, allowing the view of all databases below the User. ================= SKINS Various changes and a new global token are in this entry. ---- Global token: PHPMYADMIN_PUBLIC=yes|no #relating to for SSO-only logins to PMA The HAVE_PHPMYADMIN remains, but now checks for /var/www/html/phpMyAdmin instead of /var/www/html/phpmyadmin ---- user/db/db.html |?PMA_URL=`HTTP`://`HOSTNAME`/phpmyadmin| |?PMA_HREF=<a target="_blank" href="`PMA_URL`">`LANG_PHPMYADMIN`</a><br><br>| |*if PHPMYADMIN_PUBLIC="no"| |?PMA_HREF=| |*endif| |*if HAVE_PHPMYADMIN="no"| |?PMA_HREF=<br>| |*endif| |*if HAVE_ONE_CLICK_PMA_LOGIN="yes"| |?PMA_HREF=| <br> <form id='pma_form' action='CMD_PMA_LOGIN' method='POST' target="_blank"> <input type='hidden' name='name' value='all'> <input type='hidden' name='domain' value='|DOMAIN|'> <input type="submit" value="|LANG_PMA_SSO|"> |LANG_PMA_NO_PASS| </form> |*endif| |PMA_HREF| ---- user/show_domain.html replace the old /phpMyAdmin link with this: |?PMA_URL=`HTTP`://`HOSTNAME`/phpmyadmin| |*if PHPMYADMIN_PUBLIC="no"| |?PMA_URL=CMD_DB?domain=`domain`| |*endif| |?PMA_HREF=<a target="_blank" href="`PMA_URL`">`LANG_PHPMYADMIN`</a><br>| |*if HAVE_PHPMYADMIN="no"| |?PMA_HREF=| |*endif| |PMA_HREF|

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