Ability to select Users and set package in mass

Version 1.59.0


Related to: Reseller Level -> List Users in Enhanced, it's CMD_USER_SHOW. The form will now offer the ability to select the desired Uses, select the desired package, and click "Set". This saves the need to manually set the package for each User, one at a time. ======= POST The command to save will be: action: CMD_SELECT_USERS method: POST dopackage=<anytext> package=packagenametoset select0=fred (select1=george) etc.. ======= JSON The CMD_USER_SHOW?json=yes request will offer extra values: "packages": { "0": { "selected": "yes", "text": "-- Select Package", "value": "" }, "1": { "text": "unlimited", "value": "unlimited" } }, ==== T19213

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