LetsEncrypt: foreground requests if non-wildcard and less than 10 entries

Version 1.58.0


Since the introduction of SSL locking: https://www.directadmin.com/features.php?id=2237 We had DA doing all LetsEncrypt requests in the background, to simply locking: https://www.directadmin.com/features.php?id=2331 eg: backgroud=auto was was always "yes". This change adds a new directadmin.conf variable, with internal default: letsencrypt_foreground_http_max=10 where, if you do NOT use a wildcard LetsEncrypt cert (meaning it uses method http-01 and it doesn't use method dns-01), AND if the number of entries you've selected is less than or equal to 10, then it will run the LetsEncrypt request in the foreground. Everything else goes to the background, as before. Locking has been changed around slightly where: 1) A call from the GUI that goes to the background will be locked by "directadmin", sent to the task.queue, and unlocked in the dataskq. The dataskq internally adds task_queue=yes to the task.queue URL so the #2 doesn't happen. 2) A call from the GUI that uses the foreground (where task_queue=yes is not present), will both lock and unlock in the SSL class within this one request. ---- If anything goes wrong, say directadmin or the dataskq are killed mid-lock, it's set to live 5 minutes, so you'd need only wait that long before doing another attempt. For some time, lock files have the caller's info stored. This will be the first time a failed lock request will actually pull this data and show the caller "who" actually made the lock, in case it was a foreground or background request, automated renewal, etc. Check for "./directadmin o" time: Compile time: Aug 7 2019 at 14:26:08

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