DEPRECATED: SSL=0|1 replaced with ssl=0|1

Version 1.58.0


Due to inconsistency with the directadmin.conf and the actual used value, we've decided to drop the use of SSL= in the directadmin.conf, replaced with ssl= DirectAdmin will still read SSL= so no behavior will be changed, but all checking/cleaning functions on the directadmin.conf will automatically swap it with the lower case version. No changes should be needed on your part. Issued arose when using: ./directadmin set SSL 1 as this caused duplicate entries. DA will allow both, but only save ssl=1. From now on, please use the lower case instead: ./directadmin set ssl 1 ================ DIRECT DIRECTADMIN.CONF SET: If anyone is affecting the directadmin.conf with a script, please change your script to use the above "set" method, which automatically catches these things. CHECK: We never recommend direct checking of the directadmin.conf, as values can be missing from there, which do exist internally (there are intenral defaults). Always use something like this: ./directadmin c | grep ^ssl= for example, to fetch all loaded values. This also ensure the values have been set correctly, as any missing newline characters on the last line will prevent that line from being seen. DA defines a "lines" as must ending in a newline character. ================ Message System: A system issue requires your attention ---- Config::clean: Swapped deprecated SSL=1 with ssl=1 DirectAdmin should be restarted within 1 minute. ---- The above message in the Message System is going to be perfectly normal, as DA must swap the SSL=1 with ssl=1 (or 0 if applicable). As this is changing your config, we felt it important that the Admin be notified of the change, thus the message is generated. No action is required on your part. The swap happened automatically.

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