Version 1.58.0


Related command: CMD_API_ADDITIONAL_DOMAINS?action=view& Previously, DA only reported the 1st php1_ver (Eg: 5.6). Sample CustomBuild options.conf: php1_release=5.6 php1_mode=php-fpm php2_release=7.0 php2_mode=php-fpm php3_release=no php4_release=no php3_mode=php-fpm php4_mode=php-fpm The change will now allow the CMD_API call to return all 4 of them, as expected: php1_select = 2 php1_ver = 5.6 php2_ver = 7.0 php3_ver = 0.0 php4_ver = 0.0 where php1_select would imply that domain's main php selection would be php 7.0 (php2_ver). If you had 2 php choices available (not recommended, off by default), then you'd also see a php2_select=# to line up with one of the other php#_ver values. ================ JSON OPTION Note, there is a json=yes option for this, and almost all other calls (not always, but usually), eg: CMD_API_ADDITIONAL_DOMAINS?action=view& which the Evolution skin uses, and would give you a more detailed/organized.

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