Lower default php-fpm max_children to 10 for NEW installs (TEMPLATES)

Version 1.57.3


We had previously increased the php-fpm setting up to 100 after a few reports of issues where it wasn't high enough. For the bulk of everyone using it, 10 should be plenty for 99.99% of all websites, and 100 is an edge case. A high number like this isn't as safe if, for example, a php site spawns too many processes. A new directadmin.conf option is now present, with an internal default of: php_fpm_max_children_default=100 but for new DirectAdmin installs, the directadmin.conf template will have: php_fpm_max_children_default=10 so that's what new installs will get. All existing installs will still have the previous 100, so we don't break any larger sites that did indeed need the higher limit. If you know you don't need this 100 limit (and you probably don't), then just add: php_fpm_max_children_default=10 to your directadmin.conf and restart directadmin. Follow that with: cd /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild ./build rewrite_confs to rewrite user php-fpmXX.conf files with the new lower limit. ========================= If you need to increase this on a per-domain basis, go to: Admin Level -> Custom Httpd Config -> domain.com : click "php-fpm" for this domain. Add this to the |CUSTOM1| token textarea: |?MAX_CHILDREN=100| which will override the 10 value, set in the |MAX_CHILDREN_DEFAULT| token (which is filled from php_fpm_max_children_default)

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