Version 1.57.3


Tool to get and store simple key & values. Only in json format (no CMD_API variant) ============================= CMD_JSON_OPTIONS method: GET retrieves the json that was saved for the current skin. ============================= CMD_JSON_OPTIONS method: POST action=save_options_json name=evolution user_options.json={FULLJSON} save the key & value into the container. Optional addition: delete=yes in which case user_options.json is not needed. ============================= CMD_JSON_LANG method: GET CMD_JSON_LANG?json=yes& will include the "user_options.json" sub-array in the output, containing the same values. ============================= CONTAINER the json will be stored in: /usr/local/directadmin/data/users/usernane/skin_customizations/evolution/user_options.json The feature is disabled for the demo, so you'd need to use a cookie or just disable the ability to save.

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