Automatic cpmove conversion during DA creation restore

Version 1.57.3


Based on this guide: DA will automatically scan for cpanel cmove-fred.tar.gz type files. If selected during restore, DA will check for the script: /usr/local/directadmin/scripts/cpanel_to_da/ and will convert the cpmove file to a user.creator.fred.tar.gz file. ** gz files MUST start with "cpmove-", else DA will assume they're in the DA backup format. If this script is not present, DA will run: ./build update ./build cpanel_to_da to attempt to install it automatically, no ssh login required. Should this fail, a fall-back to the old location is checked at: /root/cpanel_to_da/ in case you already had a copy of it there, but we do recommend you delete the root variant at some point, as the custombuild version may receive updates from time to time (managed by your own preferred build update method) As the "creator" is not visible in the cpmove filename, DA will scan the entire resulting restore directory for any files ending with ".fred.tar.gz". There can only be 1 instance of this User's gz. If DA finds 2+ files ending in that, the restore of that file will not happen. You can then pick the correct file and restore it later, normally (as it should already be converted) SECURITY: Please note, this script access many areas and root access is required, it has a high-level access. You should only run it on cpmove files you know and trust that you have created. As a result, only the Admin Level -> Backup/Transfer can use this script.

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