New setting: notify_user_at_full_quota=1

Version 1.573


New user.conf option: sentnotice_quota_full=yes|no related to the user.conf options (below) to send an notice when the quotas or inodes have reached 100% usage (either quota or inode), beyond the other lower threshold percentages. sentwarning_inode=yes|no sentwarning_quota=yes|no sentwarning_bandwidth=yes|no where they track if a notice has been sent to the User for a given threshold being hit. The new one, enabled by default with the directadmin.conf option: notify_user_at_full_quota=1 will sent a notice to the User via the Message System (and via email if that's setup in the Message System to an account not limited by their quotas). This new 100% check is on BOTH quotas and indoes, as either one would prevent save/email issues, thus User should be notified for either. If multiple limits are hit at during the same tally, only one email will be sent, but each sentnotice_*/sentwarning_* will be enabled accordingly.

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