PHP1_RELEASE and PHP2_RELEASE to always be the true value. (TEMPLATES)

Version 1.572


The templates use, for example: PHP1_RELEASE=70 PHP2_RELEASE=73 To store the 1st and 2nd selected php versions for a given user. (although the 2nd is off by default in current DA versions). So Users can decide any of the 4 php enabled versions to set in their 1st PHP1_RELEASE token. The reason for this change is when the nginx_proxy option is used, nginx itself doesn't need php, since apache runs it. So for the proxy templates, DA just set the version at 0, and the container ended up loading the token as 0.00000. This change will instead also fill the nginx template's with the php version x10, so 56, 70, 73, etc.. instead of 0.0000. There are other checks at the top which set OBD=, which were checking for 0.00000, but now check for 0... but should always be true with the version. =================== TEMPLATES data/templates/virtual_host2.conf data/templates/user_virtual_host.conf data/templates/openlitespeed_vhost.conf data/templates/virtual_host2_secure.conf data/templates/virtual_host2_sub.conf data/templates/nginx_server.conf data/templates/virtual_host2_secure_sub.conf

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