Skip User redirect / to CMD_SHOW_DOMAIN if blank referer

Version 1.57.2


With regards to the blank referer check, it was reported that with either Firefox or Edge, when a User logs in from :2222/ (and not :2222/CMD_LOGIN), and when the account only has 1 domain, the redirect from / to CMD_SHOW_DOMAIN? can have a blank referer, thus triggering: "The request was made without a referer header and will not be immediately followed." Chrome (possibly others too), or other login paths don't seem to trigger it. Solution is, that should there be no referer when the / request comes in, and if the redirection t CMD_SHOW_DOMAIN is going to happen, instead show the User domain listing page "/" (usually only visible with more than 1 domain), except it will now show up for this one scenario. Other browsers that correctly pass the referer header (as they should) will be redirected to CMD_SHOW_DOMAIN as usual. T15882

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