FileManager: JSON: Check for multiple files/directories at the same time

Version 1.57


Related to: but now supports multiple checks in 1 call, as Evolution supports uploading multiple files in the same request. Sample call: CMD_FILE_MANAGER?action=multiple_exist&file1=%2Ftemp%2Fbuild&file2=%2Ftemp&file3=%2Fnooo&file4=noe Sample JSON output: { "error": "1", "num_directories_exist": "1", "num_exists": "2", "num_files_exist": "1", "paths": { "/nooo": { "exists": "0" }, "/temp": { "exists": "1", "type": "directory" }, "/temp/build": { "exists": "1", "type": "file" }, "noe": { "error": "Invalid path. Must start with /" } } } Where the "error" is the number of times an error occurred during the checks. Can be any integer, 0 up to the number of errors (not always just "1") num_directories_exist, num_files_exist, total count for the respective exists. num_exists: num_directories_exist + num_files_exist

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