add_domain_to_domainips=2 for rDNS in /etc/virtual/helo_data

Version 1.57.0


New option for the add_domain_to_domainips variable: add_domain_to_domainips=2 When you set it to 2, the /etc/virtual/domainips is unaffected. However, the /etc/virtual/helo_data file will use the rDNS for that given IP, instead of using the owned IP's user's main domain. This means you can now use shared IPs in the helo_data file. Once setting the directadmin.conf variable to 2, you can issue a rewrite to create a fresh file, if needed: echo 'action=rewrite&value=helo_data' >> /usr/local/directadmin/data/task.queue and confirm the changes in: /etc/virtual/helo_data after the dataskq has run. The benefit of this is that: 1) Shared IPs can be use for the HELO value in smtp. 2) You can more easily control the forward and reverse IP lookups which are added to the file. NOTE: The same action triggers addition of the domain to the file. As such, the value is only added when a User is created on this IP, but now it sets the value no matter what. If you change the rDNS, simply add another User for this IP, and it will update the entry in the helo_data file.

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