Custom hook script:

Version 1.57.0


Called after the night LetsEncrypt renewal checks. Environmental vars: renewed=0|1 if 1, it means something was renewed and Apache needs to be reloaded. Note that the tally will already restart after the nightly tally, so this action isn't needed UNLESS you specifically set: restart_apache_after_tally=0 in which case, you'd need something, like: #!/bin/sh if [ "$renewed" = "1" ]; then echo "action=httpd&value=reload&affect_php_fpm=no" >> /usr/local/directadmin/data/task.queue fi exit 0; However, *not* restarting after a tally means that any suspended Users might not have their configs set correctly.. so we cannot really recommend restart_apache_after_tally=0 unless you have other checks, that trigger restarts of everything that needs a restart, via other means.

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