IP type global, for global shared spanning multiple resellers (SKINS)(BEHAVIOR)

Version 1.61.0


New IP option for a shared IP: global=yes This will be set by the Admin in the Admin Level -> IP Manager for a given "shared" IP, so allow multiple Resellers to use it. Once an IP is global, it can then be assigned to multiple Resellers, and will be treated as a shared IP. Accessing the IP directly should go to the Admin's shared area, rather than the Reseller's shared area. Replaces this guide: https://help.directadmin.com/item.php?id=538 The Reseller Level -> IP Manager will always hide the User count for global shared IPs. The "Remove from Reseller" button will remove any global shared IP from *all* Reseller/Admin ip.list files, but as before, does require the value to be 0 prior to DA allowing removal. Setting a "status=free" IP to be global from the details page will automatically assign this IP to the current Admin, and convert the status to shared. =========== IMPORTANT BEHAVIOR CHANGE *** You can now remove the server IP from a Reseller *** Admin Level -> IP Manager When you select the server IP checkbox, if you previously clicked "Free from Reseller", it would throw an error. The change is that this button is now allowed and DA will use the current drop-down Reseller selector to know which reseller to remove the server IP from. =========== POST To save changes, you can either use: CMD_IP_MANAGER_DETAILS method: POST action=global ip= global=yes|no #ABSENSE of global=* counts as no, since it's a checkbox. OR CMD_IP_MANAGER method: POST action=select set_global=<any text> select0= (select1= global=yes|no #DIFFERENT FROM ABOVE in that absence of global implies yes. You can pass global=no if you want to set it to no for the selected IPs. Enhanced does not do this. =========== JSON When viewing the details of an IP: CMD_IP_MANAGER_DETAILS?ip= if set, there will be: "global": "yes" the global value might not be present, which can be assumed set to "no". If "yes", then there could be multiple Resellers/Admins managing this IP. ------ For ALL loads of the details of the IP, of any status, DA will scan all Reseller/Admin ip.list files to see who has this IP listed. This array will be shown as: "resellers_with_ip": [ "admin" ], this is mainly only for informational purposes, but can be handy in case the IP value is more than 0 and you're not sure who's on it (although the Show All Users page would be a giveaway) =========== SKINS admin/ip_manager_details.html Add form: |?GLOBAL_CHECKED=| |*if global="yes"| |?GLOBAL_CHECKED=checked| |*endif| |?SHOW_GLBOAL=no| |*if status="shared"| |?SHOW_GLBOAL=yes| |*endif| |*if status="free"| |?SHOW_GLBOAL=yes| |*endif| |*if SHOW_GLBOAL="yes"| <tr><td class=list_alt>|LANG_GLOBAL|</td><td class=list_alt> <form class='mb0' action='CMD_IP_MANAGER_DETAILS' method='POST'> <input type='hidden' name='action' value='global'> <input type='hidden' name='ip' value='|ip|'> <input type='checkbox' name='global' value='yes' |GLOBAL_CHECKED|> When enabled, this IP can be used by multiple Resellers <input type='submit' value='|LANG_SAVE|' class='float_right'> </form> </td></tr> |*endif| ---- T25483 EVO1858

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