Ability to shut off certain features of the File Manager

Version 1.561


New internal default for directadmin: filemanager_disable_features=0 and then each feature will have it's own bit (assignment to be determined) For any feature you wish to disable, simply add that bit to the decimal number. Defines are as follows: #define FM_F_PROTECTABLE 1 #define FM_F_RENAME 2 #define FM_F_COPY 4 #define FM_F_RESET_OWNER 16 #define FM_F_RESET_OWNER_RECURSIVE 32 #define FM_F_HIDE_CHECKBOX 64 #define FM_F_EDITABLE 128 #define FM_F_EXTRACTABLE 256 #define FM_F_DELETE 512 #define FM_F_CHMOD 1024 #define FM_F_MKDIR 2048 #define FM_F_CLIPBOARD 4096 which related to the API flags returned for given filenames. The same flags will be used for this feature. For example, to fully disable directory proection, set: filemanager_disable_features=1 to disable rename and copy, add them together: filemanager_disable_features=6 If you only want "protectable" enabled, then add everything, less 1. filemanager_disable_features=8182 (8 currently unused.. can add it if you want to future-proof if we ever use it) etc.. Internally, each number has it's own bit position, so all settings can be stored in 1 number. Note: FM_F_CLIPBOARD was added in DA 1.56.3. T13112

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